Law for cyper war

The twenty first century is a technologically advanced era, in which the people are able to do a lot of things by using the technology. For instance the nuclear technology is solving the energy crisis all over the world. Moreover the information technology is making the whole world connected to a central network, the internet. This has, in a revolutionized the way in which we interact with the world. Today we have social media which is helping to get connected with our childhood friends whom we have not met in a long time. We have ecommerce industry which is the latest innovation that is helping people all over the world. This has made it easier for the companies to reach out to the consumers and the customers are finding it easier to get the things directly from the producer. All these things have made life more comfortable for us. However each and every coin has two sides and there are some disadvantages with the information technology too.

Various Crimes in the cyber world and how to fight them

Although the advantages of the information technology outweigh the disadvantages and threats posed by it, it is better to know about the various problems that are associated with this technology. Secondly we have to make the necessary precautions and take the possible efforts so that the risks are mitigated properly. In the modern world, more and more criminals and anti-social elements are using the information technology to have their way with the governmental and regulatory authorities. Frauds that are looking to earn some easy money look up to the internet and use it to swindle money through various targeted attacks like hacking, phishing, identity theft etc. Today even countries sponsor these cyber-attacks on their rival countries with an army of digital hackers. The terrorist organizations are looking at options that are increasingly becoming easier for them and with graver consequences. In light of all these things we must be prepared with the Law for cyper war that can be waged on us at any time by anyone and from anywhere. So, all the countries are putting their best minds to find ways on how to fight this issue. Experts and researchers in will feel free to guide students